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Apple Case Study Apple Case Study By: Shaconda Peterson BUS 499 Instructor: Prof. J. Acquay January 29, 2012 Apple Inc. (Apple) has managed to create substantial value in the highly competitive personal computer industry, by innovating and forging a path considerably different from those of the largest competitors in the industry, successfully differentiating its products from those of the competition by choosing to focus on quality, design elegance, and superior customer service, while outsourcing actual manufacturing to trusted original equipment manufacturers. Yet, despite
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Apple Case Study the advantages Apple has created for itself, the stiff competition within the industry and other external factors present challenges to the firm. Describe the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer . The personal computer/notebook market is becoming increasingly commoditized, leading to intense rivalry among competitors within the industry, driving prices down and creating potentially destructive price wars. . An example is when Apple introduced the iPad. Hewlett- Packard (HP) introduced the Touch Pad. In order for Apple to stay on top of the market they had to come up with a new innovation – iPad 2. The iPad 2 was slimmer, lighter, had new features and a new chipset. Apple computer must continue to introduce innovative products to the market. Another challenge for Apple is in diversification. They have to continue entering into other areas of consumer electronics. . Apple stands to create considerable value through related diversification. Products like the iPod and iPhone show that Apple continues to create its path of innovation. Apple is broad in targeting their customers ranging from users’ on-the-go, at home, as well as unsophisticated users to the power users. There is also the threat of substitutes. The
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Apple Case Study - Apple Case Study Apple Case Study By:...

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