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Memory - and disconnected from us She was trying to stop...

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While reading the article on memory, the question was asked can memory be forgotten and then remembered. Researchers believe that when a person suffers a trauma, especially children this memory is suppressed. These clinicians believe that dissociation is a likely explanation for a memory that was forgotten and later recalled. Dissociation means that a memory is not actually lost, but is for some time unavailable for retrieval. That is, it's in memory storage, but cannot for some period of time actually be recalled. I can agree with this. Children are so innocent and when something bad happens to them, they tend to try to store that memory ways to make everything okay a gain. I had a family member who was sexually abused when she was young. We often wonder why she was so quiet
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Unformatted text preview: and disconnected from us. She was trying to stop the hurt and forget the pain. She felt like she could not talk to anyone and no one would understand what she was feeling or going through. The issue with suppressing these memories is when you finally try to remember the act, your memories are sometimes altered or events are added that never really occurred. Why future research is still needed to understand memory and the effects that trauma has on it. It is important to get help. If you are unsure if these types of events happened to you, see help for current problems. Sometimes your actions to current problems are due to an underline issue or possibly the fact that you suppress a traumatic event....
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