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Size Constancy - up a path In the first picture he looked...

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Assigment Two. I choose the topic Size Constancy. The main reason is because I have always been interested in how people view size differently. I feel that I am not that big in my size as a woman but other may feel that I am too big. What makes this determination? When I look at pictures of myself, I always feel that I look bigger in the pictures. I often wonder if the phase is true, pictures do not lie. If I feel that I look big in the picture, I should feel that I look big in real life. One thing that I did learn from visiting this page is that yes pictures do not lie, but they can have an effect on how you view an image. The example that was given was a picture of a man walking
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Unformatted text preview: up a path. In the first picture he looked normal. The author then cut and past the same man at the bottom of the page. With doing this the man looked to be much smaller. It is funny to see that as he past the same image in different location all the images looked to get bigger. In actuality the apparent size of the person changes with the apparent distance from your viewpoint in the picture. Show when I say I look big in a picture, it is based on the distance from my viewpoint. I can now stop making my husband retake all of my pictures. Instead, I will make him take then from a distance....
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