Wellness - The membership is only $78.00 a month for a...

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Wellness Wellness By: Shaconda Peterson PSY 105 Instructor: P. Devaughn I live in Fredericksburg, VA. It is south of Washington DC. Most people would consider this area country. I love it because it is quiet and a good place to raise a family. Upon research, I found that there are a lot of places to go that offer wellness program. We now have doctor offices that specialize in weight management and getting a more healthy lean body. This is called my
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Wellness weight doctor. They are a little on the high end. The cost for 2 visits is $200.00. During these first two visits they test your heart, blood, measure your body’s fax and metabolism to put together a recommended weight loss program. If you are looking to spend a little less and include the family the local YMCA is perfect.
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Unformatted text preview: The membership is only $78.00 a month for a family. Here they have numerous activities which include; swimming, weight room, cycling classes, aerobic classes and even a wellness pack. The wellness pack includes: fitness assessment, personal trainer, and massage therapy. This was most interesting to me. I had no clue that I could get all of these resources from the YMCA. I have been looking for a way to jump start my weight loss program and I think I have found the answer. The price is within my budget and I love that fact that I can bring my daughter along as well. I want her to start on a regular work out and healthy eating plan early so that she will not face the same issues I fact today. When you start early, you keep a routine and make time to work out....
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Wellness - The membership is only $78.00 a month for a...

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