Blackstream Knowledge

Blackstream Knowledge - Grows in strength with other...

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Blackstream Knowledge: Genocide (by Fiske) Absolute truth is unattainable – we are constantly trying to choos what to believe is true Counterknowledge can create a deconstructive knowledge to what Foucalt called knowledge Introducing AIDs into the black community – biowarfare Articulate and rearticulate events – socially and politically motivated – goals Is it worse to belive its true or believe that its not? How we constitute knowledge Dominant rules Hegemonic – mainstream – white American Authority Something making sense within own worldview Provable fact, statistic Acceptance, recognition Counterknowledge Application of history What the dominant knowledge ignores
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Unformatted text preview: Grows in strength with other stories Different markers of authority Black liberation Dominant story Alternatives – less dominant ways of understanding Postmodern approach What we know to be true, we know because of how we are told to understand society Fiske is a white, midwestern, straight, married guy Is he getting it right? Open perspective Describes self at the end Reevaluate it at the end More/less credibility – depending on interpretation Similar conspiracy theories in our society 9-11 Building 7 collapse – inside job Shooting of JFK Moon landing New world order – 2012...
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Blackstream Knowledge - Grows in strength with other...

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