Blackstream Knowledge

Blackstream Knowledge - Grows in strength with other...

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Blackstream Knowledge: Genocide (by Fiske) Absolute truth is unattainable – we are constantly trying to choos what to believe is true Counterknowledge can create a deconstructive knowledge to what Foucalt called knowledge Introducing AIDs into the black community – biowarfare Articulate and rearticulate events – socially and politically motivated – goals Is it worse to belive its true or believe that its not? How we constitute knowledge Dominant rules Hegemonic – mainstream – white American Authority Something making sense within own worldview Provable fact, statistic Acceptance, recognition Counterknowledge Application of history What the dominant knowledge ignores
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Unformatted text preview: Grows in strength with other stories Different markers of authority Black liberation Dominant story Alternatives less dominant ways of understanding Postmodern approach What we know to be true, we know because of how we are told to understand society Fiske is a white, midwestern, straight, married guy Is he getting it right? Open perspective Describes self at the end Reevaluate it at the end More/less credibility depending on interpretation Similar conspiracy theories in our society 9-11 Building 7 collapse inside job Shooting of JFK Moon landing New world order 2012...
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Blackstream Knowledge - Grows in strength with other...

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