In our Music Sound and Lighting class

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MSLR In our Music Sound and Lighting class, we have learned many things. What we have been doing lately is very interesting to me. At first when my group and I were assigned the project of mixing a drum set, we didn’t know where to start. But once we started, through trial and error we figured out how to properly use the mixer. The first objective that we had to over come was the microphone positioning of the drums and symbols. So, in other words we had to adjust the mics to the proper proximity from the source of the sound. The change in proximity would ultimately change the sound, which is a very big factor in the setup of the instruments to perfect the sound output and pickup. When the mic is placed farther from the drums surface, the sound will be less intense do to the fact that the apparatus is not absorbing all of the vibrating sound waves. On the other hand when the mic is placed closer to the drum, the “Bass” will increase and deepen in the sound. Finally, when we had finished that every
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