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Study questions Lecture 17 – Translation mechanisms and regulation Question 1. (a) Which of the following is a feature of expression of protein coding genes in both bacteria and higher eukaryotes? ___________ Introns are spliced from the RNA prior to translation. ___________mRNAs are commonly polycistronic. ___________Transcription stops just after transcribing specific terminator sequences. ___________The ribosome binds to a specific sequence transcribed into the mRNA. _____X______ Translation stops at a specific sequence that is present in the mRNA. (b) Mark the following statement about eukaryotic translation that is true. _________The 40S (small) and 60S (large) ribosome subunits join together as a complex first and then bind to the 5’ end of the mRNA to initiate scanning for the AUG. ____X____ eIF4 has helicase activity. _________The peptidyl transferase reaction is carried out by a protein subunit of the ribosome. _________The initiation of translation is very similar in E. coli (a prokaryote) and in S. cerevisiae (a eukaryote). _________The 40S (small) ribosome subunit scans for the first AUG, stops when it is encountered, and then the met-tRNA met joins the complex because the tRNA met anticodon can pair with the AUG. Question 2. Choose one term from the list below that best describes the site at which the following events in eukaryotic translation occur (note: some terms may be used more than one time): __ 1 __ Binding of the 60S (large) subunit of the ribosome to mRNA __ 3 __ Binding of incoming aa-tRNA to the ribosome during elongation __ 2 __ Binding of the 40S (small) subunit of the ribosome to mRNA __ 5 __Binding of the eIF2-GTP-met-tRNA met to form the 43S pre- initiation complex 1. First AUG from the m7G cap 2. m7G cap 3. Acceptor site (A-site) 4. Peptidyl transfer site (P-site) 5. 40S (small) ribosomal subunit 6. polyA tail
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Question 3. Accurate translation of mRNA requires something called ‘the second genetic code’. Describe this second genetic code ( answer in one sentence) . The “second genetic code” refers to the coupling of a specific tRNA with its correct amino acid,
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Study+questions+Lecture+17+Translation+KEY - Study...

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