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EEE174 CpE185 Laboratory Spring 201 2 1 MicroChip PICkit3 Lab Part 1: Introduction to the PICkit3 PIC18 microcontroller: In this section, you will begin familiarizing yourself with the Propeller microcontroller both hardware and software. You will setup and test the MicroChip PICkit3. MicroChip IDE, C-complier, and PICkit 3 lesson guide available on the ECS network at: \\voyager\Lab\EEE-CPE\Microchip\ Fall_09 A WindowsXP VM including the MicroChip IDE is available at: Examine the PICkit3 and documentation; PICkit_3_poster , PICkit_3_User_Guide and PICkit_3_Lessons . Complete Lessons 1 through 5, In the PICkit 3 Lessons book . Demonstrate the PICkit3 is functioning
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Unformatted text preview: (Demonstrate to your Instructor). Part 2: PICkit 3 DEBUG: Complete Lesson 6: Using the PICkit 3 Debug Express, In the PICkit 3 Lessons book . Demonstrate completion of Lesson 6 Part3: ADC, Interrupts, and PWM: Complete Lessons 7, 8, and 12. Demonstrate completion of Lessons 7, 8, and 12. Lab Report Due: Week 11 IMPORTANT NOTE: Throughout the semester, laboratory reports must be submitted to the laboratory instructor during the laboratory period in which they are due. Lab reports that are one week late will receive credit. Reports later than two weeks will receive no credit....
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