HIST Lecture #1 8-23

HIST Lecture #1 8-23 - Lecture #1 8/23/11 "Western...

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Lecture #1 8/23/11 “Western Civilization” and the Western Civilization Course Paper #1 due 9/27 What is “Western Civilization”? Does it really exist? How has it been “imagined”? The term Western Civilization refers more to European history. Ancient Greece to mid 17 th century. Imagining a culture and connections between various parts of its past. Teleological narrative. Western Civilization is a construction that has been imagined by us and become real. Ethical Monotheism and the cultural and political traditions started by the Greeks (individualism and rational thought). The narrative of how these traditions evolved. The unfolding of these ideas, until they were realized with the foundation of the United States. The Hebrews and the Greeks started the traditions. It is mostly in Europe, with the exception of Egyptians and Mesopotamians in certain courses (not this one). Greece – Rome – Northern Europe (Charlemagne) – Italy (Renaissance) – France and England – United States. Some argue it doesn’t
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HIST Lecture #1 8-23 - Lecture #1 8/23/11 "Western...

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