HIST Lecture #2 8-25

HIST Lecture #2 8-25 - Lecture#2 The Hebrew Jewish...

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Lecture #2 8/25/11 The Hebrew / Jewish Contribution to the Western Civilization Terms: Phoenicians, Jewish Prophets, Babylonian captivity Religious culture from Eastern civilizations shaped those of Western Civilization. The Jews created the tradition of ethical monotheism. After Jesus, these had huge implications on Western religion. They contributed to Western understanding of the origin of the world, to nature and how it operates. Concept of the human individual and their relationship to God, dignity. Concept of ethics and rules to follow. Also contributed to Western historical consciousness. Hebrews – the people who originally migrated out of Mesopotamia and settle in Canaan in 13 th century. More ethnic route than religious. Israelites – after 11 th century Jews – after destruction of 1 st temple by Babylonians in 5 th century and Babylonian captivity. Jews were supposed to be role model and God’s plan was unfolding through these people. Jesus made the relationship to God available to non-Jews. The Phoenicians were a sea trading people on the cost of modern day Lebanon. Created many colonies (Carthage). Created alphabet based on sounds. Adopted by Greeks and Romans. Throughout their history, the Hebrews lack a strong, unified political state. Their identity
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HIST Lecture #2 8-25 - Lecture#2 The Hebrew Jewish...

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