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Elizabeth McElaney Andrew Kirby SBS 200 September 25, 2007 Research Methods As there are many sources and types of information, there are also many methods used to gather information. Different disciplines require the use of different methods. One topic may be approached in many different ways. In researching neighborhoods, three articles used three different methods to retrieve information. The three pieces of research approach the topic of neighborhoods in various ways. In the first article, “The Figure of the Neighbor: Los Angeles Past and Future,” Dana Cuff takes a look into the past. Rodger Young Village and Westchester, two post-war communities in the 1940’s are examined and compared. Both neighborhoods had issues that they had to take into their own hands. Rodger Young Village was the prime example of a default neighborhood that was lacking some key staples, such as grocery stores and other services. The community joined together to build such necessities. Westchester was a completely different type of neighborhood, “representing the suburban free market ideal” (Cuff 572). Only components that were economically beneficial were considered by builders. Thus, the community had to join together to create library and school facilities. In “New Urban and Standard Suburban Subdivisions: Evaluating Psychological and Social Goals,” two University of Utah professors conducted research using surveys. They were interested in whether residents of New Urban or Standard Suburban Subdivision (SSS) had “a stronger sense of community, and greater sociability and outdoor uses” (Brown 402). The questions aimed at participants focused on the topic of
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research methods - Elizabeth McElaney Andrew Kirby SBS 200...

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