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Alejandro Garcia March 1, 2012 BUS152 Writing Assignment One Recently a coworker of mine quit unexpectedly. They had a string of personal issues during their final week of work that prevented them from showing up. Rather than discuss the issues with the owner and attempt to stay with the company, they left without a word. The owner was aware of some things that were going on. Still, they were really upset about the disruption her absence caused in the business. The employee had come to the owner several hours before their last shift and told them that her phone had recently been damaged and she did not have a convenient way to contact anyone. She went on to inform them that she did not have child care and needed the day off. The owner, without making any effort on their part to accommodate the request, told the employee she needed to find a sitter because there was no one available to cover the shift. Apparently one of the other employees was in the hospital and a replacement had already been scheduled for that particular shift. The employee reluctantly ended up taking their child to work that final day
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