HIST Lecture #10 9-22

HIST Lecture #10 9-22 - The New Testament and the...

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The New Testament and the Historical Jews Correction to Last Lecture: Hadrian didn’t destroy the second temple, Titus did. However, Hadrian was the hardest on the Jews and wanted to destroy their culture. He built temple to Jupiter very fierce on their revolts. Appylonius of Tiana was a mystic who lived at the same time as Jesus. He performed the same miracles and good deeds as Jesus. Their disciples argued about who was superior. There are many tales similar to that of Jesus. It makes it hard for historical scholars to distinguish Jesus from the others. Outside of the Four Gospels, there’s not a single historical source from the time of Jesus’ life that mentions Jesus. His name later appeared in Josephus’ works, and many people believe that that was inserted by a Christian source. Tacitus’ works also later mention there was a man named Jesus who was crucified under Titus’ rule. The First Gospel, Mark, was written about 40 years after Jesus died, and they are written by anonymous authors. These authors are highly literate, and may not have been from Palestine. Wrote the stories not only to tell what Jesus did, but also have theological interpretations. Mark, Matthew, and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels and have a unity. Matthew and Luke has so much in common that historians theorize about the Gospel Q (Quella). Historians think that Matthew and Luke may have gotten their information from the same source. John is the last Gospel and has much more of a theological agenda. These Gospels were possibly faceted together by drawing from other stories about Jesus that were not written down. Then, the Gospels were included in the Canaan. The story most people know is a conflation of various bits and pieces of all four
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HIST Lecture #10 9-22 - The New Testament and the...

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