HIST Lecture #12 9-29

HIST Lecture #12 9-29 - 9/29/11 Feudalism is the system...

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9/29/11 Feudalism is the system that replaces Charlemagne’s empire. It was much more decentralized. It really only lasts until the 13 th and 14 th century in western Europe, but survives as a culture and mentality in Europe and shapes their society until almost the 19 th century. Afghanistan is a feudal region today. There are warlords that operate semi- autonomously. Somalia is feudal as well. Feudalism is used for the first time in the 17 th century by English lawyers trying to make sense of relationship between lords and their vassals. It is popularized in the 19 th century in France by the French Revolution and critics of the Old Regime. Carl Marx is an economist and historian in the 19 th century who believes history is driven forward by class conflict and classes are based on the relationship to their means of production. The lower class exists to support the dominant class that owns the means of production. He understood feudalism as a social and economic system and a system of exploitation. Hunziker understands it as a military and social relationship between lords and the aristocracy, and the lower class. There are three estates in the medieval system: The first estate (those who pray); second estate (those who fight); third estate (those who work, everybody else). They are not classes necessarily. They are politically and legally defined constituencies. People of means and economic independents can be found in the third estate, and kings and lords in the second. Feudalism is a social system between the warrior elite and those who work, but it is also a culture. People believed that God placed them in their class for a reason (Great Chain of Being). Marx would believe that this whole culture belonged to a superstructure. All forms of feudalism were based on personal relationships among individuals. Peasants
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HIST Lecture #12 9-29 - 9/29/11 Feudalism is the system...

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