HIST Lecture #16-17 10-18-25

HIST Lecture #16-17 10-18-25 - HIST 151 10/18 The Name of...

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HIST 151 – 10/18 The Name of the Rose This week we will be watching Jean-Jacques Arnnaud 1986 film The Name of the Rose , based on the 1980 novel by Italian author Umberto Eco ( personal website ). While this will, I’m sure, provide a welcome change of pace from the normal routine, my goal in showing it to you is above all to have you engage a variety of issues from the middle ages. Indeed, this film can only truly be understood if you have some knowledge of medieval history – yet another reason why taking a Western Civ course is so useful. Here is a very quick summary of the film: In 1327, William of Baskerville, a Franciscan monk played by Sean Connery arrives at a wealthy Italian monastery. He went to take part in a theological debate that would be attended by a papal delegation. At issue in this debate was the question of “Did Christ own the clothes he wore?” This is important, because the ideal of poverty has been embraced by the order of the Franciscans. The result of this debate might lead the Franciscans to be condemned as heretics. But when William arrives, he learns that a monk who worked in the scriptorium has recently been murdered. He begins an investigation to find out why, and uses the tools of logic and reason to find the truth. That is important, as it signals an important change in medieval
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HIST Lecture #16-17 10-18-25 - HIST 151 10/18 The Name of...

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