HIST Lecture #20 11-3

HIST Lecture #20 11-3 - The "Early Modern" Period and the...

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The “Early Modern” Period and the Northern Renaissance Desiderius Erasmus:  Christian Humanist St. Thomas More:  Social Critic Gutenberg Bible
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Key Terms 1) “Early Modern Period” 2) Christian Humanism 3) Johannes Gutenberg 4) Desiderius Erasmus Utopia 6) Francois Rabelais and “rabelaisian”   1) What defines the “Early Modern Period?” 2) What distinguished the Northern Renaissance from the Italian Renaissance? Early modern period ends with the French revolution in 1789. Modern- increase in secular thinking and science, emergence of more capitalism and economy, rise of more powerful centralized states. I. Defining the Early Modern Period Increasing Secularism: Northern Renaissance and Scientific Revolution origins in renaissance along with scientific revolution Religious Division: The Protestant Reformation and Religious War Deep religious split that alters Christian Europe. Provided an alternative to Catholicism. (Protestantism) Martin Luther and other protestants were successful heretics. Protestant reformation profoundly alters Europe and social structure. European Expansion: The Discovery of the “New World” First in Africa, and then to the New World (America). Europeans than confronted with a new other, another culture against which they can define their own identities. New Market Economies: Toward Capitalism New economy based on commerce, trade, and even manufacturing. Emergence of market mechanisms that we associate with capitalism, even though capitalism isn’t quite present until 19 th century. The Continued Rise of Centralized States: Absolutism and Constitutionalism
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HIST Lecture #20 11-3 - The "Early Modern" Period and the...

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