HIST Lecture #27 12-1

HIST Lecture #27 12-1 - Building an Even More Modern State:...

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Building an Even More Modern State: Constitutionalism and the English “Revolution” A constitutional government is one based on law. The sovereign authority’s power comes from laws and traditions in the Constitution that must be respected. A constitutional government doesn’t have to be democratic, but it has much more potential to evolve into a democracy. Power is shared between the executive branch and some type of legislative body. There are checks on power. That doesn’t mean kings are any less powerful though. The better a monarch is at tapping their nation’s resources, the more powerful their nation will be. Constitutional monarchies allowed kings to do this more effectively than absolutism. In England, sovereign power gradually moved from the king to the people. John Locke was an English political theorist. His theory of sovereignty rests on the belief that people have the capacity for reason and goodness. They are “blank slates” at birth and are shaped by their experiences. He was a deist and believed that God created human beings for a purpose – to survive and continue. It is up to their reason to discern God’s purpose. The means through which they survive are by exercising inherent and fundamental rights, or “natural rights”. They exist in nature. People are equal – if people
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HIST Lecture #27 12-1 - Building an Even More Modern State:...

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