1.13.11 - population lives, and which it actively...

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1.13.11 1. Human Geography – systematic: political, economic, cultural, social 2. Physical/Environmental- natural Regional geography falls into both categories If history is chiefly about how events and processes are distributed over time, geography  is mainly about how they are distributed in space. The gap between rich and poor is experienced in mainly all aspects of life. More than  just a question of different levels of purchasing power, the wealth gap also translates  into a significant gap in life expectancy – that is, in how long one can expect to live.  Widening gulfs between rich and poor within as well as between countries and regions.  Regional income disparities are also evident at the national scale.  Human geography - the study of the earth’s surface as the space in which the human 
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Unformatted text preview: population lives, and which it actively transforms How are places and regions connected to each other? How are human activities shaped by the natural environment, how do societies reshape the geographies that we live in? How is society organized by the way that space is organizede.g. divided up through borders and territories of control, whether by nation-states, military, police, real estate markets, commercial agriculture companies, etc.? What are the relations between different scales of space? For example, global and local What does globalization mean in different regional contexts? Environment and society History, economy, and demographic change Culture and politics Future Geographies Landscape City and country Colonialism/imperialism Globalization and international division of labor...
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1.13.11 - population lives, and which it actively...

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