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Mechanical Vibration: Analysis, Uncertainties, and Control H. Benaroya & M. Nagurka, 2010 ERRATA p.x : Web site for Matlab primer is incorrect. It should be: p.15 : Figure 1.7c. The words “Suspension system” belong with the upper spring/damper. In their place, they should be replaced with the words “Tire stiffness & damping”. p.64 : In Figure 2.6, l should be replaced by L. p.99 : After “Therefore, the period of oscillation is” should be T = 2( t 1 + t 2 ) = 2(0.175+0.0658) = 2(0.241) = 0.482 s p.101 : In Equation 2.31 there is a missing subscript. It should be x p ( t ) in the numerator on the left. p.134 : In Problem 8 the following could be added for clarification: “Assume the materials of the two parts of the shaft are ( i ) not the same and ( ii ) the same. Express your answers in terms of known quantities.” p.147 : In the equation for natural frequency (the second equation), there should be a square root on the right-hand side and it should be K (not k ) . p.149 : In Problem 35 each shaft is rigidly mounted to its support and to the disk. The second sentence should start “From solid mechanics, for each shaft the relation between the moment on the disk M and …” p.153 : In Problem 44 the last sentence should be “Compare the results.” p.155 : In Figure 2.65 the direction of the force should be reversed. p.175 : In Figure 3.12 the units of x ( t ) are missing. It should be “ x ( t ) (cm)”. p.186 : Fig 3.16: The spiral continues to the origin for ζ = 0.1 p.186 : In the equation for the signum function it should be if x d (xdot, not x ) is <, =, and > 0. p.187 : Right after Equation 3.15, it should be F μ = μ k g (not F μ = k g sgn( x d ).) p.188 : The sentence “The initial conditions can be found using” should be changed to “The constants A and B can be found using”.
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ERRATA for Mechanical Vibration: Analysis, Uncertainties, and Control, 2010 2 p.201 : In Example 3.7, before the sentence “Derive the equation of motion,” the following sentence should be added “When y = 0 the beam is horizontal and in static equilibrium.” p.202 : In the equation above Section 3.5.2, the right-hand side is missing the factor ka . (The right-hand side should be sin kaA t l ω .) p.203 : The definition of the frequency response function in Equation 3.32 should be
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Errors_in_book__Nov28-2010 - Mechanical Vibration Analysis...

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