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Unformatted text preview: MAE 486 Design of Mechanical Systems Lecture 8 Fall 2011 Today s topics: Concept Generation (Chapter 6); Review:Thinking Processes  Crea8ve Ideas •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  How come some people are more crea8ve than others? How to find these techniques & methods? Crea8vity & Problem Solving: What is a crea8ve idea? Crea8ve process What can you do to be crea8ve? Barriers to Crea8ve Thinking Crea8ve Thinking Method Random Impact Technique Refinement and Evalua8on of Ideas Review: Genera8ng Design Concepts •  •  •  •  Design space concept How to search the design space? Systema8c Design Methods Physical decomposi8on Func8on Representa8on •  Key concept: –  Technical system  ­ •  What does that mean in the context of design? Func8on Basis Func8on Decomposi8on •  Most general func8on structure: •  What are the steps? Func8onal Decomposi8on •  What is it best for? •  Strengths & Weaknesses Morphological Analysis •  What is morphology? •  How to use morphology analysis in design? Morphological Analysis •  Step I: How to decompose? •  Example Example: More Details… Step II of Morphological Analysis: Morphological Chart Step III of Morphological Analysis •  Generate concept from a morphological chart •  How many combina8ons do we have? TRIZ: Theory for Inven8ve Problem Solving •  What is it for? •  Strategies of TRIZ: Strategy I: Improve the Ideality •  How to define ideality in a design? •  By this defini8on, what would be a good product? •  How to improve ideality? TRIZ II: Overcoming Contradic8ons •  Different levels of design •  Majority of the design vs. Small Por8on •  Contradic8ons: –  Examples? •  TRIZ method: Use general terms TRIZ Inven8ve Principles TRIZ Inven8ve Principles TRIZ Contradic8on Matrix •  What is the goal? •  What are the typical contradic8ons? •  Key: Select the right inven8ve principles –  What are they? TRIZ: Strengths & Weaknesses hXp://www.mazur.net/triz/ ...
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