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Unformatted text preview: MAE 486 Design of Mechanical Systems Lecture 15 Fall 2011 Today s topics: Design with Materials (Chapter 12); Announcement Safety seminar: October 31st (Monday). Mandatory for using the machine shop; Mid-term exam: November 2nd (Wednesday) Review: Material Performance Indices •  Performance Index vs. Material Proper;es: Difference? •  Example of Objec&ve Func&on: –  Mass per unit length •  Op;miza;on of performance index: What is the catch? •  First constraint: What is the No. 1 concern? Review: Common Material Performance Index Review: Case Study #1: Radiator Cooling Fan •  Problem Statement: –  –  –  –  Driven: Issue: Results: Objec;ve: •  What are the basic Physical Laws/ Assump1ons? –  Radius of the fan:  Size of Fan hub and blade –  Which material property to look at? •  Construct the model for the material performance index –  The centrifugal force –  The stress at the root of the blade Review: Recycling and Material Selec;on Material Considera;ons in Design •  What do we need to concern about in terms of materials? –  Metal: –  Plas;cs Design for Corrosion Resistance •  How serious is the problem? •  How to avoid/minimize? •  What causes corrosion? Basic Forms of Corrosion •  What are the different types of corrosion? Basic Forms of Corrosion •  What are the different types of corrosion? Corrosion Preven;on •  What are different approaches to prevent corrosion? –  What is the main cause of corrosion? Corrosion Preven;on •  What else approach we could apply? –  Separa;on: –  Metal part design: •  Area ra;o  Current density •  Contact •  Provisions: Design against Wear •  What is wear? •  What causes wear? •  Science to study wear: •  Is wear a material property? •  What does wear depend on? Types of Wear •  What are the different types of wear? Types of Wear •  What are the different types of wear? Wear Models •  How to model wear—How to measure? •  What does the volume depend on? Wear Preven;on •  What are the different approaches to prevent wear? Design with Plas;cs •  Why plas;cs? •  Polymer vs. metals: What are the differences? Classifica;on of Plas;cs •  How to characterize polymers? •  What are different classes? Classifica;on of Plas;cs •  TP vs. TS: Which are more common? •  Further classifica;on of TP? •  What are the differences? Examples? Mechanical Proper;es Comparison Mechanical Proper;es Comparison ...
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