Step 4 experiment run for each of the four trials of

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Unformatted text preview: by using the Taguchi method. Robust Design Example (cont’d) •  Step 2: Select control Parameters: –  Four control parameters (with L9 orthogonal array, i.e., three levels) •  Step 2: Select noise parameters •  Three noise parameters (with L4 orthogonal array, i.e., two levels) Robust Design Example (cont’d) •  Step 3: Experiment design –  Conduct four experiments for each run in L9 (e.g., run 2 in L9 is executed four Omes to include the noise matrix.) –  The first trial condiOon: a new can of paste, water rinse, and horizontal spray –  The last trial condiOon: a can of paste opened one year ago, a chlorocarbin cleaning agent, and horizontal spray for cleaning. •  Step 4: Experiment run –  For each of the four trials of each run, measure a response that represents the objecOve funcOon that we are ahempOng to opOmize: •  Shear strength of the solder joint measured at room temperature. Parameter Design (cont’d) •  Two commonly used orthogonal arrays. (a)  L4 deals with three control factors at two levels. A total of 4 runs of DOE is needed. (b) L9 array considers four control factors each at three levels. A total of 9 runs of DOE is needed. Robust Design Example (cont’d) •  Step 5: Results analysis –  For four trials, average the strength measurements and determine the standard deviaOon. For example, for run 2, we have •  Step 5: Results analysis •  In the robust design, the appropriate response parameter is the S/N raOo. Which type to use here? Robust Design Example (cont’d) •  Step 5: We obtain the following parameter matrix. Robust Design Example (cont’d) •  Step 5: Determine the average response for each of the four control parameters at each of its three levels. •  Step 5: The average S/N raOos are plohed against test level for each of the four control parameters. Robust De...
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