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Kevin Creager EE 485 Chapter 2 Questions 1. State the neuron doctrine in a single sentence. To whom is this insight credited? The neuron doctrine states that the neurites of different neurons are not continuous with one another and must communicate by contact, not continuity. Santiago Ramon y Cajal is credited with the neuron doctrine. 2. Which parts of a neuron are shown by a Golgi stain that are not shown by a Nissl satin? The Golgi and Nissl stain both shoe the neuronal cell body. However the Golgi stain showed that there was more to the structure of the neuron. The Golgi stain showed the existence of dendrites and axons. 3. What are three physical characteristics that distinguish axons from dendrites? The cell body usually gives rise to a single axon while many dendrites extend from the cell body. The axon is of uniform diameter throughout its entire length and can travel a meter or more while. However dendrites rarely extend more than 2mm in length. The branches of an axon extend at right angles while the branches of dendrites extend and taper to a fine point. 6.
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