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PROBLEM: CALCULATE DC's INVENTORY INVESTMENT AND CARRYING COST DC'S DATA Average Inventory In DC in units 2,000 8,500 5,500 The cost of one unit of inventory $250 $25 $10 Annual Inventory Carrying Cost Interest Rate ® 25% 15% 30% Q1: What is DC's Inventory Investment? $500,000
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Unformatted text preview: 212,500 $55,000.00 Q2: What is DC's Annual Inventory Carrying Cost $125,000 $31,875 $16,500.00 Q3: What is DC's Inventory Carrying Cost For 6 Months $62,500 $15,938 $8,250.00 Q4: What is DC's Inventory Carrying Cost per Day (365/year) $342.47 $87 $45.21...
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