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Moore Library http://www.rider.edu/library Instruction for BUS-300 Social and Legal Environment of Business Professor Bob Kenny, Fall 2010 Assignment: 1. A case/issue review discussing arguments on both sides and a recommended resolution. 2. 8-10 pages including a separate bibliography 3. Sources: Newspaper or journal articles or reputable internet sources are appropriate. Internet sites have to be reputable and the information reliable. Sample Topics: Banning the use of mobile telephones in cars, Arizona immigration law, lowering the drinking age to 18, lawsuits against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc and Yaz, lethal injection Objectives of the Library Research Session: 1. Introduce legal reference books of the Library 2. Search the Library’s Databases for journal/magazine/newspaper and legal resources 3. Criteria for evaluating websites 4. Citing sources using NoodleBib A. Reference (check background information) Reference Books: Burton’s Legal Thesaurus Reference KF156 .B856 2007 Reference K583 .E53 2007 New Jersey Statutes Annotated ReferenceKFN1830 1937 .A23 Oran’s Dictionary of the Law Reference KF156 .O69 2008 Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and Law Reference K487.E3 N48 Social Issues in America: an Encyclopedia Reference HN57 .S624 2006 West’s Encyclopedia of American Law Reference KF154 .W47 2005 United States Code Annotated Reference KF62 1927 .W47 Reference Databases: CQ Researcher Points of View Reference Center Use “Browse by Category” to see broad topic areas and use “View All Topics” to see the complete list. Enter keywords in the search box will find articles from periodicals as well as the Point of View overviews. B. Search Tips: (For the Online Catalog and the Databases ) 1. Use Truncation : * is the truncation symbol for most databases. ? is the truncation symbol for the Online Catalog. ! is the truncation symbol for LexsNexs Academic EXAMPLE: discriminat* ( will find discriminat e , discriminat ion , discriminat ing ) 2. Use Boolean Connectors (operators: AND, OR, NOT ) 1
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See an illustration of how Boolean operators work at http://kathyschrock.net/rbs3K/boolean/ . EXAMPLE:
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BUS-300_Kenny_Fall2010_Handout - Moore Library...

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