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BRIEFING A CASE Name of the Case Court and Date I. Facts : a. Identify the parties (by “role” not necessarily by name; ex. employer, manufacturer, etc.). b. Summarize the facts: Briefly state only the important, necessary facts(“less is more”). c. Explain the procedural setting of the case: Is the case on appeal? If so, state for whom the lower court(s) ruled and why. II. Issue(s): What is the central question(s) that this court is being asked to decide?
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Unformatted text preview: (Usually begins with Whether or Is). III. Rule of the Law : What is the rule of law that is being established in the case? If the rule of law was expressed as a statute, how would it read? IV. Holding and Reasoning a. Result: What is the outcome of the case? b. Holding: What did the court decide about the issue? c. Reasoning: How did the court explain its holding? What is its logic or justification for what it did?...
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