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Week 2 Team Paper - Selection University of Phoenix FIN/402...

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Selection University of Phoenix FIN/402 An investment portfolio is developed by combining a collection of investment instruments like stocks, bonds, and cash to achieve a balanced grouping for each investor. These investment portfolios can be for individual investors, hedge funds, banks, or financial professionals. Typically, every investment portfolio is specifically designed to meet the risk adversity levels, objectives, and time constraints of the investor. The three criteria previously mentioned will influence the concentration (dollar amount) of each asset, which will also affect the risk/return ratios of the portfolio. This portfolio overview will provide a brief discussion of the five stocks, and one bond issue that team “A” has selected for evaluation. It is this teams belief that these selections will continue to be strong performers and create value for the investor. Stocks: United Parcel Service
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Selection The United Parcel Service of America Incorporated is more than just the brown vans driving around that most have become associated with; they are a fully diverse world spanning delivery service. They are the world’s largest package delivery company, sending roughly 15 million packages each business day. UPS has posted net sales is roughly $49,500 million dollars with an average of 9.4% growth rate from the previous year. The company continues to expand on the services it offers its clients, such as new logistic options, a new option called “less than truckload” and truckload freight. United Parcel Service is traded on the New York stock exchange with an average daily high value of $69.29 and a low of $68.33 (what time period?) . The company generally has a steady stock, showing a slow growth over the years of the initial investment (initial public offering?) . Although the company moves slowly into the holiday season, the stock value of the company has shown a more prominent growth over the last year. The growth for associates has been 1.8% with the company continuing to expand it certainly supports a strong reason to invest in UPS. ?? The market value of UPS is $63,214.6 million with assets in $31,883 million. Recently UPS has achieved a record level of operating profit in international and supply chain and freight segments. They have also generated $3.1 billion in cash flow after making more than $2 billion in discretionary pension contributions. Also within the last year they have completed one of the largest restructures in company history. They have also generated the largest margin in their industry regarding operating income. UPS has also completed the expansion of Worldport. This is their version of a global air hub ahead of schedule and under budget, and this has created a huge investment opportunity for potential investors.
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