FIN 420 - Week 1 - DQ 1

FIN 420 - Week 1 - DQ 1 - Describe your current budgeting...

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Describe your current budgeting system. What factors influence your financial decisions? What are the benefits or concerns of your current budgeting system? To set some background, my wife and I both work and we do not have joint accounts. It isn't that we don't want each other in our accounts, it is just how we have evolved. We were together for a while before we wed and things just stayed that way. Since then , we created a budget a year or so after we got married. We work the budget out by assigning each other certain bills to pay each month, etc. My wife makes more than I (my sugar mama ;-)) but we try to split the bills evenly. To keep it even I actually write her a check every month because the mortgage makes things a bit lop sided. We have been very fortunate to earn a decent living and recently bought a new home. Over the past six months we have been settling in to the new bills that come with a new home. We made some adjustments and are now getting our budget back in check (when we moved in we had some work done that
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