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FIN 420 - Week 2- LT Deliverable

FIN 420 - Week 2- LT Deliverable - Learning Team B Week Two...

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Learning Team B Week Two – Final project Preparation This week Matthew kicked off the discussions by reiterating the final project and all that needs to be accomplished between now and the end of the class. He split the project into 6 main points and these were then divided evenly amongst the team members. The team discussion this week focused on the following points, evaluating the financial plan as per the scenario presented to Learning Team B and well as determining the personal insurance needs of James and Naomi. Matthew also posted a breakdown of the current status of James and Naomi along with his recommendations as to how the couple could improve their financial situation, since they currently spend $980 dollars more a month than they bring home in income. This post spurred a lengthy exchange of ideas and suggestions, with all team members participating in the exchange. During this discussion concern was expressed regarding the mortgage the couple are currently locked in and a suggestion was made to consider refinancing to a 30year fixed rate, as opposed
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