FIN 420 - Week 4 - LT Deliverable

FIN 420 - Week 4 - LT Deliverable - Learning Team Week Four...

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Unformatted text preview: Learning Team Week Four – Final Project Preparation There was little to discuss this week since our past discussions have been very involved and detailed. After multiple inquires from our teammates, the forum was open to discuss any matters that were unresolved or needed additional discussion before we began working on our individual portions of the final. No topics were suggested. The team will use previous topics and team discussions to come up with appropriate suggestions relating to the specific needs of Naomi and James to complete the final assignment. Our teammates then began discussing a plan of action for compiling the slides and building the PowerPoint as required by the LT Final project. A few members of the team will work on the slides over the break and have them ready for review when class resumes. This will allow the team to review the slides and make any suggestions and subsequent corrections long before the due date. This current plan of action allows us to work on the final presentation on our own time, due date....
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