Week 4 proof of grade

Week 4 proof of grade - and Tolman. It was a pleasure to...

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Week 4 Discussion Questions 2.0 2.0 Comment: Your week four DQ's were done nicely and were well detailed, adding to the great discussion that took place this week. Thanks for your hard work! Tricia Perspectives Paper 17.0 17.0 Comment: You have done a nice job with the content of your paper about Watson, Skinner,
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Unformatted text preview: and Tolman. It was a pleasure to read and contained all the necessary information. Great work! Tricia Participation 2.0 1.5 Comment: Your participation was well done and kept the discussion going--nice work! Tricia Week 4 Subtotal : 21 20.5 Cumulative Week 4 Subtotal : 81 80.3 Week 4 Feedback:...
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