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Week 5 proof of grade - class discussions Biological and...

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Possible Score Your Score Week 5 Discussion Questions 2.0 2.0 Comment: It has truly been a pleasure having you be part of this class. Each week you added valuable information to the discussions and it was much appreciated! Week five is no exception! I wish you luck in your future classes. Tricia Participation 2.0 2.0 Comment: Participation met for week five. Thank you for taking an active role in the
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Unformatted text preview: class discussions Biological and Cognitive Psychology Presentation 15.0 15.0 Comment: Team B's final presentation was wonderful to view. It included all necessary information for the topic chosen, and was creatively put together. Great work--what a great way to conclude the course! Tricia Week 5 Subtotal : 19 19 Cumulative Week 5 Subtotal : 100 99.3 Week 5 Feedback:...
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