Appropriate PPE - Appropriate Eye and Face Protection...

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Appropriate Eye and Face Protection Acceptable goggles must have ANSI Z87.1 stamped on the product. Safety Goggles: Intended to protect against impact hazards and chemical splashes. Examples: Visorgogs* Safety Goggles, Jones & Co. These full vision safety goggles are specially designed to protect eyes from flying particles or splashing liquids. The unique design incorporates comfortable, impact-resistant goggles with a vented, opaque visor to shade eyes and reduce eye strain and fatigue. The indirect ventilation screen keeps dirt and dust out and keeps lenses fog-free. The lenses are designed strutless with a down- angle vision for clear visibility. Goggles can be worn over eyeglasses. Available in four visor colors with clear lenses. Replacement lens fits both indirect and direct vent goggles. Meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard. Uvex Stealth* Goggles, Bacou-Dalloz* Protect against dust, mist, and splashes with these stylish goggles. Durable polypropylene frame, combined with soft, flexible elastomer, conforms to facial contours for a comfortable
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Appropriate PPE - Appropriate Eye and Face Protection...

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