Lab Safety_Fall 2011

Lab Safety_Fall 2011 - LABORATORY SAFETY CHE 231 AND CHE...

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1 L A B O R A T O R Y S A F E T Y CHE 231 AND CHE 233 Fall 2011 THE LABORATORY AS A PLACE TO WORK: The chemical laboratory is a dangerous place only if: You are careless; You do not know what you are doing; You do not use proper equipment or proper technique. Common sense will keep you safe. AUTHORIZED LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS AND OPERATION: It is imperative that: You follow the directions in the manual, textbook or handouts; You follow the syllabus and do no experiments other than those prescribed; You heed the direction and warnings of your instructor; You respect the safety of others in every laboratory operation that you perform. PLANNING LABORATORY WORK: Study and plan your laboratory work before you come to the laboratory. Ignorance and carelessness is the cause of most accidents. DRESS CODE: Clothing: Appropriate clothing should not leave a large part of skin exposed. Appropriate clothing for the laboratory includes long pants , shirt with sleeves, and closed-toed shoes. Legs and feet should be completely covered. Long pants, skirts, dresses, etc. must cover legs and ankles. We recommend that students wear aprons or lab coats. We recommend that students wear long sleeve shirts. Shorts, capris, gauchos, tank tops, midriff shirts, muscle shirts, etc. are not allowed. Open-toed shoes, bare feet or sandals, flip flops etc. are not permitted. We recommend that students wear shoes that completely cover their feet and are made of a non- permeable material such as leather. Safety goggles: On the first day of class, safety goggles will be provided. To clean your safety goggles, use soap and water. Do not leave safety goggles in the lab. You will need to bring your safety goggles with you for every lab. Safety goggles MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES in the laboratory. Your normal eyeglasses are NOT approved for this purpose. We recommend that students do not wear contact lenses in the laboratory.
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2 Acceptable goggles must have ANSI Z87.1 stamped on the product. Students who do not wear safety goggles will not be allowed to participate in the lab. There will not be any make-up lab time provided for those who miss the lab due to this reason. Aprons: Aprons will be available in the student drawers. At the end of each lab, wipe down apron with paper towels and soap water to remove any contamination. Fold it and store in the student drawer. Gloves: Disposable latex and nitrile gloves are provided. While gloves provide protection by minimizing skin contact with chemicals, they may also provide false sense of security. Many compounds have the ability to dissolve through disposable safety gloves and come in contact with your skin so it is imperative to be cautious with handling chemicals even while wearing gloves. Remove disposable gloves that have come in contact with hazardous chemicals, wash hands thoroughly.
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Lab Safety_Fall 2011 - LABORATORY SAFETY CHE 231 AND CHE...

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