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Unformatted text preview: 1. 2. 3. University of Kentucky Department of Chemistry SAFETY RELEASE All laboratory activities inherently carry some risk. The Department of Chemistry provides the necessary resources for students to perform experiments safely. It is the responsibility of the students to act in a safe and appropriate manner. It is the responsibility of the student with a medical condition including, but not limited to, severe allergies, pregnancy, asthma, frequent fainting, latex allergy, etc., to consult with their healthcare provider before beginning laboratory work. Students requiring accommodation beyond nonlatex gloves should seek assistance from The Disability Resource Center at the University of Kentucky (Room 2, Alumni Gym, 2572754, [email protected]) when enrolling in a chemistry laboratory course. Upon request, the Department of Chemistry will provide information related to chemicals used in these laboratories to the student's healthcare provider and the Disability Resource Center. If you are under 18 years old, please check this box. Initial each of the following to indicate your acknowledgement of each statement. If a student requires emergency medical attention for any reason, the Department of Chemistry will call 911. The student is responsible for the cost of any services provided. Appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) is required in the lab including long pants, close toed shoes, shirts with sleeves, goggles, and gloves. Gloves serve to minimize contact between chemicals and your skin but may not eliminate all contact. The effectiveness of gloves varies by chemical and duration of exposure. Gloves should never be worn outside of the laboratory. Surfaces in the lab could be contaminated with chemicals from prior use. Students should take appropriate precautions to avoid inadvertent exposure. All fires, chemical spills, and accidents must be reported immediately. Students are responsible for disposing of all hazardous waste in accordance with course guidelines. No laboratory work may begin until this statement has been signed. 4. 5. I certify that I have read and understand the laboratory safety information provided and I have been instructed in laboratory safety procedures and agree to abide by them. Name (printed) Signature TA Name Are you enrolled in or do you have credit for CHE 230? Do you have credit for CHE 113? Yes No Yes No Grade __________ Course & Section Date Student ID # See the reverse side for more details and then initial one of the options below. ____ ____ Yes, you have permission to use the reports I submit for this course for instructional purposes. No, you do not have permission to use the reports I submit for this course for instructional purposes. Permission to Use Lab reports submitted by students are an excellent resource for TA training and development. By allowing us to use your reports for instructional purposes, you can help future TAs be more effective instructors and provide a potential resource to future students. Reports are used under the following conditions: 1. All names, dates, and identifying information are removed from the material so that all content is displayed anonymously. 2. Reports are used in future semesters and never during the semester in which you are enrolled in the course. 3. Reports are used only with the permission of the student. ...
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