Are Misbehavin Reading

Are Misbehavin Reading - Wall Street Journal. (Eastern...

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1 Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y. June 6, 2009 pg. A.1 Are Misbehavin': No Tonys for These Performances --- Theatergoers Act Out With Phones, Bare Feet -- and Fried Chicken, Too by Ellen Gamerman Mim Pollock was at a performance of "South Pacific" last month when an audience member took off a shoe and propped her foot up on a rail in front of her. The woman, complaining of an injured knee, said she couldn't sit comfortably any other way, recalls Ms. Pollock, chief usher at New York's Vivian Beaumont Theater. Other patrons were not amused. The offenders' toes "were practically in their nose," says Ms. Pollock. "And her feet smelled." Theatergoers have long been accustomed to a measure of bad behavior: people who think their whispers are inaudible; snackers who open deafening cellophane candy wrappers; latecomers who knee-bump entire rows of settled attendees. But some theater veterans say manners are breaking down faster than ever. Earlier this year, Patti LuPone lit up gossip blogs when she broke character in "Gypsy" to scream at an audience member taking pictures. Ms. LuPone says her frustration boiled over. "I had just had 10 months of pointing out to ushers texting, pointing out to ushers videoing, pointing out to ushers somebody on a phone," she says. "I just freaked." Last month, ushers and security guards at "Hair" began patrolling the balcony and aisles during the musical's famous nude scene because so many people were snapping pictures - - despite explicit warnings not to do so. One night, actor Will Swenson, who plays a hippie named Berger, took a device from a person in the front row and threw it across the stage. "I just couldn't believe the gall of this woman who was videotaping me in my face," he says. A crew member deleted the
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Are Misbehavin Reading - Wall Street Journal. (Eastern...

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