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R. Hasse Managing Financial Resources Tesca Works Paper Rubric According to research paper rubric, you are required to state the purpose, introduction, body, and conclusion of your research paper clearly and comprehensively if you want to get an excellent mark. Moreover, you’ve got to make your writing clear, which means thorough organization, varied sentence structure, rich word choice, correct grammar, spelling and proper transitions. On top of that, you need to stick to the rules of qualitative source citations. Don’t loose your heart if the above paragraph scared you. It seems so horrifying only at first glance. Once you examine these points closely, you will see they are manageable to master. So, let’s get down to business. 1.Purpose of Your Research Paper You are sure to please any research paper rubric if your writing has a clear purpose or argument that is readily apparent to the readers in the research paper introduction. So, keep an eye on it. 2.Research Paper Introduction The only research paper introduction that will pass is the one that is attention grabbing and impressive enough to induce the reader to read further on. As far as the scientific level of research paper evaluation is concerned, your research paper introduction should be clear and show relevance to the discipline you are writing your research paper on. 3.Body of the Research Paper
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Tesca%20Works%20Paper%20Rubric[1] - Managing Financial...

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