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Unformatted text preview: INF2611/102/02/2011 INF2611 Semester 2 2011 TUTORIAL LETTER 102 EXAMINATION TUTORIAL LETTER Dear INF2611 Student, This is a reminder that your exam for this module will be written in October/November 2011. Please ensure that you have the correct DATE, TIME and VENUE for this most important exam. The structure for this TWO HOUR semester module examination consisting of SEVENTY marks is: Question 1: Menus (10 marks). Question 2: Multiple forms (10 marks). Question 3: Database applications (25 marks). Question 4: Object orientation (25 marks). Please note that the paper has been set to ensure that you have an understanding of the concepts of visual programming, and are able to implement these concepts. The assignments are to be used in you prepeparation. There are also past papers and additional resources available on the module website. You are most welcome to contact us or the technical assistants (012-429-8860/1/2/3/4/5/6/7) or Room 8-160 in the Theo van Wyk building should you encounter any visual programming difficulties during your examination preparation time. Kind regards Patricia Gouws 2011 Delphi Team 2011 ...
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