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School of Information Technology Department of Computer Science COS 326 – Database Systems Tutorial 5 Practical Date: 16 September 2011 (Friday) Tasks: 1. Create a new role group called university and academic_program . 2. Create the following new roles: admin, cs, ggm and stuku . The roles have specific inheritance as indicated below. admin ggm cs stuku 3. Assign all the newly created roles to the university group. 4. Assign the admin, cs and ggm to the academic_program group.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Download the prac2.sql file from the COS 326 page, and run the script. 6. Grant access to the tblbuilding to the university group. Can you revoke the access of the cs role of this table? 7. Grant access to the tblvenue to academic_program . 8. Revoke the access right of stuku to tblvenue . 9. Set the current session role to that stuku and try to access the tblvenue table. Could you access the table? 10. Restore the original privilege states....
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