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School of Information Technology Department of Computer Science COS326 – Database Systems Practical 1 Practical Date: 19 August 2011 (Fri) This practical will count for marks!! Create a new database in PostgreSQL, in the same manner as the last two week’s tutorial. On the COS 326 website you will find a SQL script, called prac2.sql . Use this script to create the following table in your database. When the script completed, refresh your database. You will have the following tables: tblbuilding , tbllecturehall , tbloffice and tlbvenue . Questions: 1. We have looked at how to get the size of a specific table, so now it's time to widen the
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Unformatted text preview: problem to related areas. Rather than an absolute value for a specific table, let's look at the relative sizes. Find the top 3 table biggest tables. 2. Write an SQL statement to retrieve a list of PostgreSQL non-default settings. 3. Write an SQL query that identifies the duplicate in the tbllecturehall table on the numberofseats column. 4. Generate a list of dates, from today, incrementing by 1 day for the next two weeks. 5. PostgreSQL keeps track of each access against an index. Write an SQL statement to view the unused indexes....
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