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Right to Health Care- Policy Paper Kanchan Sujanani Critical Issues in Public Health September 26, 2010
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Kanchan Sujanani HSC4631 26, September, 2010 The Right to Health Care We here at the Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM) believe strongly that in the health Care issue, we as individual citizens should have the right to choose, the personal responsibility to do the research and understand what we need, and the ability to reach out to the free economic aspect of reform to know how much we should set aside for it. After doing extensive research and countless meeting within our organization, we also have proposed other approaches to better our system, which include health savings accounts and tax equity for individuals. Our goal is to educate the populace on the perilous affect of government intervention on health care and to be able to give them an insight which they can use to better our community. The opposition claims profits should not be allowed within health care (Ralston,2010). They say that healthcare should be entitled and that government has the duty to provide its citizens with the “right to life” as it says in the Declaration of Independence (Connors, 2010). Individuals are not “smart enough” to understand what they should be buying in terms of health care (Astorino, 1994) and g overnment should regulate health reform because millions of people are going into debt due to hospital
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policy1 (6) - Right to Health Care- Policy Paper Kanchan...

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