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Research Paper 2 Fall 2011 (1)

Research Paper 2 Fall 2011 (1) - 1POS4622 Politics and...

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1POS4622 Politics and Civil Rights Research Paper #2–“Strategizing for the Future” Dr. Fine November 14, 2011 The purpose of this second paper is to identify and research a current civil rights problem, and develop a means to address it. The final product will be a position paper to a government agency that is in a position to solve the problem. The direction that this position paper takes is completely up to you; the key is to identify a problem and a means to solve it. Possible topics might include: 1. Discrimination in voting/districting/Voting Rights Act/language minorities 2. School performance issues/FCAT/funding/segregation 3. Employment/education/affirmative action 4. Poverty/welfare/social services 5. Criminal justice/race disparities in sentencing/race disparities in the prison population/death penalty Here is the form that the paper should take: 1. Problem identification Problem identification needs to present information that can be documented (i.e. statistics, findings, specific identification of policies, regulations or laws).
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