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Brian Szenay Dr. Ryan 01/24/12 Introduction of Project Paper Sinkhole legislation, especially in Florida, has become an increasingly talked-about and important topic. Every day, environmental consulting companies are doing tests to determine whether or not there is confirmed sinkhole activity at a site, which, once determined, they then communicate to the insurance industry. While there is a good understanding of what a sinkhole is, and why they form, there is not a good understanding of why sinkholes form exactly where they do. Of course, Florida is an obvious place for sinkholes to form, but it is not so obvious why some areas of Florida (like the west-central region) have such a high rate of sinkhole formation, while places of similar lithology have a much lower rate of formation. This is why it is important to study this phenomenon, and to better understand what characteristics of the sinkhole and/or the study area contribute to the different levels of rates of formation. This study will take a look
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