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Sarah Seabrook In Indonesia there exists an area where one can monitor coral reef biodiversity in ways unlike anywhere else in the world. This place is Hoga Island in Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi. Hoga Island is surrounded by a triangle of coral reef systems. Many of these systems are contained in Wakatobi National Park, and thus have been protected from many of the anthropogenic invasions that have been devastating coral reef populations world wide. Researchers in this area are surrounded by biodiversity and can see visually what healthy coral reef systems should in fact look like. This investigation will allow a great deal of data to be added to the Reef Check Coral Reef Monitoring Program which keeps track of coral reefs in over
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Unformatted text preview: forty countries allowing scientists to see what restoration and preservation methods are working, and which are not. Also, this project will allow scientists to see what pristine coral reef systems should look like, and the life that should surround them. By the end of the research project we will have a solid understanding of how ocean acidification and temperature increases are harming coral reef populations world wide. Very vague, you need more information on what your project will entail. I don’t understand where exactly your going with this or how it is to be done. Sound like a good project, just needs more technicalities....
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