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Section 1 – Codes of Ethics - The code can help by either challenging or bolstering an executive’s belief that the stand he or she is taking is ethical and socially responsible. - Emphasizes honestly and truthfulness in communicating with customers, and avoidance of immoral and exploitive practices Company codes of ethics in practice - Ethical dilemmas often arise during the implementation of marketing strategy - Many marketers face this “Do what you have to but don’t get caught” conflict to varying degrees at some point in their careers. And places great demands on their personal code of ethics o Also often greatly undermines their motivation and their respect for senior
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Unformatted text preview: executives, not be good for the competitiveness of the organization. o Easier for senior managers to be ethic when their junior executive have to resolve the ethical dilemmas.-Subordinates are responsible for their own behavior, even if following orders or under the threat of dismissal. -Ad agencies are accountable for dishonesty of the messages they create for their clients-Companies are responsible for the dishonest message that ad agencies create.-Ethical behavior in trading requires that both the buyer and seller behave ethically. -...
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