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Chapter 2 Review Quiz

Chapter 2 Review Quiz - trends in Emerging nations...

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Chapter 2 Review Quiz Market Share is measured: Globally, by country, by region of a country, by segment of users Market Share is measured: Company sale in dollars $ divided by total industry sales over a specific period of time x 100% Voice Share is: dollars spent on advertising divided by all dollars spent on advertising by industry The key to competitive research is to focus on and understand: Competitors Added-value chain Section 2 The three stages of an individual distributor audit are in order: Performance metric analysis, fit analysis and added-value chain analysis. Process thinking skills is important in undertaking distribution channel research. Section 3 The most important economic trents that North American Marketr must track are economic
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Unformatted text preview: trends in: Emerging nations Environment Analysis involves: Analyzing the dynamics that are driving trends What trend precipitated the recent U.S Recession: What underlies dynamic analysis: Positive feedback effects Vicious circles: Are created by positive feedback effects Section 6 – SWOT SWOT analysis the threats and opportunities are: External to your organization and about your future business Section 7 Implementation Plan: is a mal of activities and processes to be undertaken The profit and loss budget statement is presented: Month to Month and Year to Year...
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