Simulation2011Three - Instrumentation and Measuring...

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Instrumentation and Measuring Matlab/Simulink Measuring Meter Simulation Study 2 Creating Sub-systems of power parameter meter models are required in order to measure a) Active Power Meter, b) Reactive Power Meter, c) Apparent Power Meters by Arithmetic, Vector or Equivalent Apparent Power definitions, d) Distortion Power Meter and e) Power Factor by Matlab/Simulink. To compare the results and then make conclusions accordingly 1) Under the balance case : three-phase sinusoidal voltage (380 v, 50 Hz) and sinusoidal current with a balanced inductive load ( R = 5 ohms, L = 100m H) i. Measure power parameters, ii. Try to connect a capacitor in parallel with the load and measure power parameters again. (The perfect compensation is preferable and list out all the necessary calculation accordingly) [Compare the results before and after compensation] 2) Under the unbalance case: sinusoidal voltage and sinusoidal current for an unbalanced inductive loads [Unbalance currents only] (impedance can be settled by
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Simulation2011Three - Instrumentation and Measuring...

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