928240a - 4395A REV1.12 DATE: Nov 25 2011 CHANNEL: 1...

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4395A REV1.12 DATE: Nov 25 2011 CHANNEL: 1 MEASURE TYPE: S11 FORMAT TYPE: LOG MAG NUMBER of POINTS: 201 SWEEP TIME: 112.6 ms SWEEP TYPE: LIN FREQ SOURCE POWER: 0 dBm IF BANDWIDTH: 30 kHz Frequency Data Trace Real Data Trace Imag 1.0000E+04 3.0692E+01 0.0000E+00 2.5100E+06 -4.0445E+00 0.0000E+00 5.0099E+06 -4.0325E+00 0.0000E+00 7.5099E+06 -4.0461E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0010E+07 -4.0738E+00 0.0000E+00 1.2510E+07 -4.1242E+00 0.0000E+00 1.5010E+07 -4.1496E+00 0.0000E+00 1.7510E+07 -4.1820E+00 0.0000E+00 2.0010E+07 -4.1938E+00 0.0000E+00 2.2510E+07 -4.2696E+00 0.0000E+00 2.5010E+07 -4.3307E+00 0.0000E+00 2.7509E+07 -4.3819E+00 0.0000E+00 3.0009E+07 -4.4335E+00 0.0000E+00 3.2509E+07 -4.4789E+00 0.0000E+00 3.5009E+07 -4.5350E+00 0.0000E+00 3.7509E+07 -4.5712E+00 0.0000E+00 4.0009E+07 -4.6646E+00 0.0000E+00 4.2509E+07 -4.6993E+00 0.0000E+00 4.5009E+07 -4.6975E+00 0.0000E+00 4.7509E+07 -4.7865E+00 0.0000E+00 5.0009E+07 -4.8220E+00 0.0000E+00 5.2509E+07 -4.8714E+00 0.0000E+00 5.5009E+07 -4.9005E+00 0.0000E+00 5.7509E+07 -4.9083E+00 0.0000E+00 6.0009E+07 -4.9250E+00 0.0000E+00 6.2509E+07 -4.9223E+00 0.0000E+00 6.5009E+07 -4.9598E+00 0.0000E+00 6.7509E+07 -4.9212E+00 0.0000E+00 7.0009E+07 -4.9535E+00 0.0000E+00 7.2509E+07 -4.9454E+00 0.0000E+00 7.5009E+07 -4.9427E+00 0.0000E+00 7.7508E+07 -4.9551E+00 0.0000E+00 8.0008E+07 -4.9476E+00 0.0000E+00 8.2508E+07 -4.9148E+00 0.0000E+00 8.5008E+07 -4.9117E+00 0.0000E+00 8.7508E+07 -4.9477E+00 0.0000E+00 9.0008E+07 -4.9813E+00 0.0000E+00 9.2508E+07 -4.9780E+00 0.0000E+00 9.5008E+07 -5.0234E+00 0.0000E+00 9.7508E+07 -5.0386E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0001E+08 -5.0723E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0251E+08 -5.1550E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0501E+08 -5.1797E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0751E+08 -5.2118E+00 0.0000E+00 1.1001E+08 -5.2593E+00 0.0000E+00 1.1251E+08 -5.3422E+00 0.0000E+00 1.1501E+08 -5.4040E+00 0.0000E+00 1.1751E+08 -5.5321E+00 0.0000E+00 1.2001E+08 -5.5784E+00 0.0000E+00 1.2251E+08 -5.6459E+00 0.0000E+00 1.2501E+08 -5.7312E+00 0.0000E+00 1.2751E+08 -5.7587E+00 0.0000E+00 1.3001E+08 -5.8423E+00 0.0000E+00 1.3251E+08 -5.9198E+00 0.0000E+00 1.3501E+08 -5.9528E+00 0.0000E+00 1.3751E+08 -6.0447E+00 0.0000E+00 1.4001E+08 -6.0858E+00 0.0000E+00 1.4251E+08 -6.1376E+00 0.0000E+00 1.4501E+08 -6.1804E+00 0.0000E+00 1.4751E+08 -6.2045E+00 0.0000E+00 1.5001E+08 -6.2255E+00 0.0000E+00 1.5251E+08 -6.2924E+00 0.0000E+00 1.5501E+08 -6.2611E+00 0.0000E+00 1.5751E+08 -6.3478E+00 0.0000E+00 1.6001E+08 -6.3361E+00 0.0000E+00 1.6251E+08 -6.3864E+00 0.0000E+00 1.6501E+08 -6.3747E+00 0.0000E+00 1.6751E+08 -6.4305E+00 0.0000E+00 1.7001E+08 -6.5193E+00 0.0000E+00 1.7251E+08 -6.4607E+00 0.0000E+00 1.7501E+08 -6.5513E+00 0.0000E+00 1.7751E+08 -6.5761E+00 0.0000E+00 1.8001E+08 -6.6268E+00 0.0000E+00 1.8251E+08 -6.6677E+00 0.0000E+00 1.8501E+08 -6.7690E+00 0.0000E+00 1.8751E+08 -6.8736E+00 0.0000E+00 1.9001E+08 -6.9312E+00 0.0000E+00 1.9251E+08 -7.0276E+00 0.0000E+00 1.9501E+08 -7.1437E+00 0.0000E+00 1.9751E+08 -7.2255E+00 0.0000E+00 2.0001E+08 -7.3012E+00 0.0000E+00 2.0251E+08 -7.4953E+00 0.0000E+00 2.0501E+08 -7.6481E+00 0.0000E+00 2.0751E+08 -7.7321E+00 0.0000E+00
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928240a - 4395A REV1.12 DATE: Nov 25 2011 CHANNEL: 1...

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