Antenna Polarization

Antenna Polarization - transmitted electric field being...

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Antenna Polarization The polarization of an antenna is the polarization of the wave radiated by the antenna. At a given position, the polarization describes the orientation of the electric field. In this experiment we use the polarizer which is a device that changes the polarization of a wave to see the antenna polarization effect. Polarizers allow waves that are polarized in the orthogonal direction to the wires to pass through. First set the transmitter and receiver to a polarization angle of 0 0 , this corresponds to the
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Unformatted text preview: transmitted electric field being polarized in the vertical (parallel) direction; and then adjust the azimuthal position of the transmitter to give a maximum reading on the measured receive power; next Rotate the transmitter from a polarization angle of 0 o to a polarization angle of 90 o in increments of 10 o , record the detector received power. Finally, attach the polarizer to the receiver. Rotate the polarizer from 0o to 90o increments of 10o, record the receive power....
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