ELEC381_Lab2_PreLab - ELEC381 - Propagation and Radiation...

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ELEC381 - Propagation and Radiation Pre - Lab EEE 30 th November, 2011 Dicky, Fong Tek Kei D-A9-2725-4 Johnny, Cheong Ka Hou D-A9-2736-7 Freddy, Lei Ka Chon D-A9-2737-3 Kelvin, Cheang Wai D-A9-2779-3 David, Kong Hon Man D-A9-2781-1 Tony, Tong Peng Chio D-A9-2782-7 Joe, Tam Chou Lap D-A9-2800-5 Group 2 Antenna Patterns: A graphical representation of the antenna radiation properties as a function of position (spherical coordinates) Common Types of Antenna Patterns: Power Pattern - normalized power vs. spherical coordinate position. Field Pattern - normalized | E | or | H | vs. spherical coordinate position. Antenna Pattern Definitions: Isotropic Pattern - an antenna pattern defined by uniform radiation in all directions, produced by an isotropic radiator. Directional Pattern - a pattern characterized by more efficient radiation in one direction than another. Omnidirectional Pattern - a pattern which is uniform in a given plane. Principal Plane Patterns - the E-plane and H-plane patterns of a linearly polarized antenna. E-plane
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2012 for the course ELEC 232 taught by Professor Terry during the Spring '12 term at University of Macau.

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ELEC381_Lab2_PreLab - ELEC381 - Propagation and Radiation...

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